Mad Planet

The divey-est of dance clubs with theme, genre, and versus nights worthy of marking on your calendar. All are welcome and all levels of dancing- embarrassing or impressive- are encouraged!

The Mothership

Bay View
Sci-fi meets serious bar known for selling the most Hams nationally.

Company Brewing

Ubran brewery serving seriously good New American bar food that always has something going on, from live music to karaoke. Their revitalizing weekend brunch is just what the doctor ordered for the hungover and hungry!

Crafty Cow

Bay View
Craft burgers served Juicy Lucy style and award-winning fried chicken in easygoing digs. Ask about the “Cow of the Moment” rotating burger special.

Barnacle Bud’s

Bay View
Unassuming, beloved waterfront gem that’s worth a chill or shenanigan-filled Saturday afternoon spent posted up on the patio by the river. You’ll probably end up here on a rowdy Pedal Tavern outing.

1840 Brewing Co.

Bay View
In our little pocketbook, hands down the best small, slow craft specialty beer in the city. Maybe the world. Or universe.

Boone & Crockett

Harbor District
Super groovy folks and even better cocktails. Fantastic view of the river and an outdoor space that will knock your socks off. Make sure to grab some Taco Moto or Dooby Dogs while you’re kicking back on the patio.

Eagle Park Brewing

East Side
They have a lot of fun experimenting with their sours and pale ales, and it shows. Ordering a milkshake IPA is mandatory. When the weather’s nice, the parking lot patio transitions to an impromptu puppy party.

Centraal Grand Café & Tappery

Bay View
Killer spot for weekend brunch and bloodies. If you like Belgian bier… you’ll certainly love Centraal.

Lost Whale

Bay View
These guys take cocktails very seriously with none of the pretentiousness. Negroni Spritz and Mezca Margarita are a must. Keep your eyes peeled for outrageous cult favorite film-inspired pop-ups around the holidays.